day in my life

January 16, 2010

a day to remember in my life …..

the most lovely day i ever had it was my sister Wedding
My sister got married two years ago . The wedding day was  full of work , I had to wake up in the morning , and work with my daughters of my aunt and uncle and my friends , to set everything ready for the Guests and my sister’s husband , it Was  a very beautiful day and everyone was happy , And we made  a party in one of the clubs , with a great artist and Orchestra , I will never forget that day ever , Weddings in Sudan, gathered friends and family , And spend a good time , Sometimes a marriage is over three days or full week , The weddings are a chance to meet friends, and sometimes had the opportunity to watch the girls and You may find a beautiful girlto  marry her ,


bank of the Nile

January 14, 2010

this is a bank of the Nile in 1960’s.

the sun is shining, we can see some men cut a  tree and they haven’t finished cutting it yet

The people came to the bank of the Nile to business deal . and we can see a man , He came to the bank of the Nile by his car.

plane haven’t landed yet , but it’s pretty close, the first boat from the north hasn’t got over the bridge yet.

we have  Nile trip in the last Holiday  and we heaved fun and play a lot in  the nile

How I spend last holiday!!

December 10, 2009

I spent my last holiday with my family in Kosty . I went to my friend .my fell was very funny in my hometown with my family. I went to the sea with my friend in Thursday and we spent a very nice time and I came back to home very late  and we had a great  time and we had  fun.

How I use my mobile

December 5, 2009

Mobile is a device used for calls and text Messages , Its very easy to use and very good way to connect other people , I have zain card  and nokia mobile 6630

I use it for calls with my family only , and some friends and sometimes for music and take pics , I spend 3 hours a day talking on my mobile   and  receive about 10 SMS’s in day , I charge only when i need to call someone

Robert Nesta Marley

December 5, 2009

Robert Nesta Marley , a Jamaican European Artist . his  father, who was named «Bob» he was  in the fifth and abandoned at an early age, leaving him with his mother  Poker night , which she was then eighteen years of age. he Join a group presented their work in 1961 under the name of  «Judge Not» and soon became famous boys in Jamaica ,  he Made a lot of beautiful songs that have impressed millions , and he Died after suffering from cancer in 1981

How I use Internet

December 5, 2009
The first thing I do is  open my email and read the new emails  and open some music.
Then I open altagana yahoo group to do my weekly task for hala
and I search for new foorball news  . Also, I play some online games
and chat with my friends in the chat rooms in
My favorites websites are :

About Me

December 5, 2009

Hello , My name is remah , I study computer science in altagana , I live in Khartoum aldeem , I Spend most of my time  with my friends, I love the classic  music , I love watching football games  and playing in psp .

Its my first time to use wordpress blog  so find the right link is not easy ,

I work to be a programmer and have a success study